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  • Trouble in Mind is about Wiletta Mayer, a black actress cast in a "progressive" play about racism by a white male author, but it turns out to be anything but progressive.

  • The director wanted to reinforce all the emotional scenes where Wiletta second guessed herself or stands up for what's right. I decided to use Traditional Black Spiritual Music in these moments because each of the songs connections to The Civil Rights Movement.

  • This Production was being record which meant I had to properly balance the volumes for the sound effects, music, and actors for the videographer.


Directed by Jamie Warrow.  Scenic Design by Natalie Ervolino.  Costume Design by Aubrey Dearen.  Lighting Design by Natalina Defusco. Technical Director: Paul Cartwright. 

Photography by Bill Simmers. Musician Tamatha Holt. At the University of Memphis

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